Podologiepraktijk Margaux Verstraete - Online agenda

Make your appointment online here: you have 3 options. Choise of 2 locations (Sint-Kruis / Ruddervoorde)

>>> EXAMINATION: a first biomechanical examination (1 hour; €70)

>>> PODIATRIC FOOT CARE: general podiatric foot care (30min; €35)

>>> INSOLE CHECK-UP: You already have BORGinsole Podiatrist insoles (Borginsole) from us, and you want a check-up, optimisation or renewal. (30 min; €35)

If it’s been more than 3 years since your insoles were last checked, and you would like a whole new examination: choose “EXAMINATION.” The podiatrist will then have a whole hour to thoroughly check everything.

Please fill in the data of the person who wants an appointment.

Confirmed appointments can only be canceled or rescheduled by phone.

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