PodoPraktijk DeStip - Online agenda

Welcome to the online agenda of Podopraktijk De Stip
Below you will find 3 types of appointments.
If you cannot find an appointment that suits you with these options, or for an appointment on the same day, you can always contact me by phone on +32 495673016.

>>> MAATAFNAME : for your first podiatric consult or walk/biomechanical analysis ( you have never been to De Stip ) ( takes about 1.5 hour).

>>> CONTROLE -3 jaar: you have been to De Stip and have podiatric insoles and want to get them checked, ajusted or repaired. ( 30 min)

If your checkup of your insoles has been longer then 3 years ago or you want to get a new full anaysis choose : " maatafname " so the podiatrist had the full time to assist you.

>>> VOETZORG: : general podiatric treatment of the feet , clipping the nails ,removing calluses (1 hour)

Treatment of the nail pathologies:
-fungal or thickend nails
-ingrown nails, nailbrace therapy
-silicone ortesis
-wound treatment, Felt-therapy (anti-pressure)
Podiatic treatment involes also :
Diabetic feet care
Oncological feet care

Always fill in the information for the person you are making the appointment for.

In case you need an urgent appointment or appointment the same day please contact me via mobil : +32 495673016

THERE IS NO PAY TERMINAL PRESENT , payment can only be done via cash.

Appointments made can only be canceled or changed by telephone or email (podopraktijkdestip@gmail.com).

Cancellation or moving of an appointment is possible up to 24 hours before the appointment.
If you do not cancel or fail to meet your appointment within 24 hours, we are unfortunately forced to charge a full consultation fee.

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